Yes of course we recent to anyone, we do not discriminate but please bear in mind that this depends on you sorting out your own insurance and all the necessary safety and security checks would be made in the normal manner when hiring any vehicle from any company.

Unfortunately yes, there will be one week to pay upfront and at the start of the second month, the same would happen again meaning that in the end, you would be two weeks ahead, also meaning that you would in effect have to give two weeks notice before handing a vehicle back to us.

We cover the replacement of all tyres )providing normal wear has occured – this does not including kerbing and other types of punctures.This also does not cover any bodywork as this is something beyond our control – any bodywork damage must be paid for by yourself.


We cover all repairs that may be necessary and because we have our own motor parts factor, only we have instant access to spare parts 24/7 and only us therefore can repair your vehicle 24/7.

Our vehicles can be viewed and booked under the FOR HIRE section at the top of the page in the Menu Bar.

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